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What Do You Need?

packing supplies

Are you looking for Global Sourcing Partnerships to keep you competitive?

Whether you are looking for a standard packaging item or a custom manufactured product, Falcon has:

  • Ability to find the right source since we intimately know the manufacturing resources, and have the right vendor connections and manufacturing assets.
  • Technical expertise in product to guarantee quality.
  • Experience in logistics to guarantee smooth delivery and fulfillment of your products.
  • Experience in Project Management to meet your timelines.
  • Cost control by Knowing market trend for correct timing to manufacture (material procurement and labor timing strategies) and logistics.
  • Established and respected in the industry as a long term business partner.
  • Capacity for “urgent” situations – working with clients for extraordinary circumstances.
  • Match your receiving timeline by offering local warehousing buffer – Well sourced, well stocked – rarely backordered to keep your customers on time.
Standard Packaging Supplies, industrial/packaging equipment, contract manufacturing

Are you looking for Technical Expertise to source, test, plan and seamlessly execute new and existing product needs?

Whether you need design, engineering, production expertise, Falcon has an existing platform to support your needs.

  • We know packaging and plastic products, and their production process intimately. We know the import, ops and logistics that goes along with getting them to our customers. We’ve done most of it and we’ve seen it all!
  • We’re Proactive in searching for problems or potential obstacles. Fail Testing, we catch problems before they happen.
  • In manufacturing, things change rapidly. We are on top of those changes consistently.
  • Team of Manufacturing specialists: engineers, project managers, problem managers – application based industry – application based problem solvers and functionality.
  • Intimately knowing the time to manufacture and/or import product – early delivery with smoother channels and anticipating obstacles.
  • Capacity for “urgent” line bumps – working with clients for extraordinary circumstances
Packaging and shipping supplies, Custom engineered packaging solutions, Contract manufacturing

Are you looking for End to End Packaging Solutions that free up your core resources?

  • Offering turnkey solution (design, engineering, manufacturing, and fulfillment).
  • Small Business/Family Business – Don’t have time, don’t have expertise. Reliability, Service, Operational Excellence and Knowledge, Partnership, Allow to focus on core business, collaboration.
  • Well sourced, well stocked – strong communication with customer to guarantee rarely backordered to keep your customers on time.
  • Treat every customer – no matter the size – with respect, integrity, sense of urgency.
  • Aim for LONG TERM relationships and partnerships, not transactional purchases.
  • Pricing philosophy is based on long term partnerships and profitability for our clients.
  • Invest in manufacturing partnerships to benefit our customers’ w/best pricing, quality, consistency, and responsiveness.
  • “Pull” system vs Push.
Custom engineered packaging solutions, Contract Manufacturing

Are you looking for Smart Packaging that carries your branding?

  • Delivering brand identity and continuity, speaking for your brand.
  • Quality, professional, impressive.
  • We have the capacity, and relationships to be able to customize your solutions and keep it affordable for you.
  • Match YOUR schedule, your inventory receiving, your seasonality, your needs.
Custom branded packaging – printed tape, poly and kraft mailers, corrugate, poly sheeting, poly bags